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Our History

BMT Offshore is a family company with more than 100 years of experience in the sector. It was established in 2008 under the name “BMT” in Spain to meet the special requirements of our clients, combining “TRADITION & INNOVATION.”

Founded by the fourth generation and comprised of professionals with extensive expertise, BMT identified an opportunity in Bata, Equatorial Guinea, to cater to the needs of projects carried out by Oil & Gas companies. Their goal was to provide customized solutions under challenging environmental and logistical conditions in remote locations, utilizing advanced methods and technologies.

This led to the establishment of BMT Offshore, which has since become one of the best-equipped and most capable service providers for both minor and major offshore brownfield projects in Equatorial Guinea. They are committed to delivering the highest quality engineering and construction services for the offshore oil and gas industry.

Our Local Content

Since our first landing in Bata, Equatorial Guinea (EG), it has been a key element of our Strategic Development Plan. Our plan not only considers LOCAL CONTENT as a regulatory requirement but also views it as a means to foster long-term partnerships with Equatorial Guinea-based O&G companies and create a lasting impact on the country.

Our local content program focuses on skills development to enable the local population to meet the industry’s standards, including general education (primarily languages) and specialized skills.

Outlined below are the five key points of our “Guineanization Plan,” which we believe are essential for achieving high industry standards.


Create qualified and long-term employment in EG


Transfer lasting know-how to the country, developing local skills and capacities.

Local suppliers

Collaborate with local suppliers and subcontractors when applicable.

Deliver as a local company
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Guineanization Plan

Language Academy

English lessons for BMT-EG local team


Empower BMT-EG local workers to lead teams (as Sentry Man or Foreman) in an autonomous way


BMT-EG facilities in Bata


BMT-EG as unique funding source.

Safety Academy​

1.Basic work safety training.

2.Specific safety training as per O&G companies procedures.


1.Acelerate safety training on shore

2.Minimize risks offshore

3.Maximize productivity offshore


BMT-EG facilities in Bata


BMT-EG as unique funding source.

Training Center

1.- Elemental Welding and Metalworking training for junior qualified workers.

2.- Expert training for senior Welders and Metalworkers.

3.- DNV certification of local welders.


1.- Create a local certified welding team in EG.

2.- Reduce expats even for complex works.

3.- Reduce costs

4.- Lasting knowledge for EG workers


BMT-EG facilities in Bata


BMT-EG as unique funding source.

Local Agreements

1.- Agreement with Local Welding School CFPO San Jose.

2.- BMT donates:

  • high quality welding machines
  • High quality consumables
  • DNV welding procedures

1.- Align students curriculum with real industry demand as per BMT guidance.  


CFPO facilities in Bata


-BMT_EG donates equipment.

-CFPO adapts training agenda.

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