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Our Working Process

BMT-Offshore has the technical know-how and qualified personnel to conduct repairs, maintenance, and logistics services for your projects, both onshore and offshore. We coordinate all necessary steps and are always committed to executing the required work during the loading process to avoid any off-hire situations.


We review your request in order to give you a quotation.

Meticulous Plannig

We plan every proyect in detail, fostering close collaboration among all stakeholders.

Professional Execution

Innovative techniques and methods implemented by qualified personnel.

Completion on time

Delivering projects with precision and punctuality.

Offshore & Onshore Maintenance & Repairs

We offer a wide range of onshore and offshore maintenance and repair solutions tailored to enhance the operational efficiency, longevity, and reliability of your vessel. Our dedicated team of experts employs best practices and techniques to ensure seamless maintenance and swift repairs, enabling your vessel to consistently perform at its peak.

Explore all the maintenance and repair services we offer to support your project and deliver optimal solutions.


Structural Installation & Repairs

We offer a comprehensive range of on-board fabrication, adaptation, or repair services that directly affect the primary structure of vessels, rigs, or offshore installations, as well as the working, production, engine, and accommodation areas.


We are aware of the crucial role that welders play in fabricating and repairing metal structures. As a result, we take pride in our certified and experienced team of welders who possess proficiency in various welding techniques, enabling us to undertake projects globally.

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pippen line reparation

Pipeworks Installation & Repairs

We specialize in fabricating, installing, and repairing piping systems. Our services include comprehensive design engineering, and we have a team of skilled pipe welders and fitters capable of executing this work on-site.


Mechanization Works

We offer mechanization services to efficiently fabricate, adapt, and rectify various parts. Our skilled team ensures precision and quality in all aspects of the process.

Blasting & Painting

We have a team of qualified painters and blasters who are well-equipped to handle a diverse range of projects, including new builds, maintenance, and repair assignments. Their expertise ensures top-notch results and high-quality outcomes in every endeavor.

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Load Testing

We conduct load testing for lifting units, heavy-duty structures, and certification of lifting points. BMT Offshore has the necessary equipment to perform these tasks, including a wide variety of equipment specifically designed to meet all our customers' requirements.

HVAC Systems

Minimisation Microbiological risks. Sanitisation of air-conditioning systems in accordance with current standards; UNE 100012 Sanitisation of air-conditioning systems, UNE 100012 Sanitisation of air- conditioning systems, UNE 100013 Sanitisation of air-conditioning systems, UNE 100014 Sanitisation of air-conditioning systems 171330 Indoor environmental quality.


Inspection UTM & NDT

We specialize in providing reliable and comprehensive Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) services to industries worldwide. With our expertise and cutting-edge technology, we offer the following NDT methods:

Our highly skilled technicians employ these methods to detect defects, identify flaws, and ensure the integrity of your assets. We prioritize safety, efficiency, and timely results to assist you in maintaining the highest standards of quality and compliance. Partner with BMT Offshore for top-notch NDT services tailored to your specific requirements.

Repair, Maintenance & Certification Of Offshore Cranes

BMT Offshore specializes in offshore crane inspections and load testing. We assess all crane components and equipment to ensure safety and peak performance. Our tests replicate real-world conditions, confirming crane capacity and integrity. Count on BMT Offshore for superior safety and efficiency in your offshore operations.


Electronic & Electrical Works

Our team comprises engineers and highly skilled technicians who are dedicated to offshore work. They possess expertise in inspecting, modifying, and conducting repairs with the maximum precision and efficiency.

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Fabrication Of Offshore Structures

Fabrication of various types of structures for both offshore and onshore applications, including those for construction, tools, and units to support projects, as well as the refurbishment of units already in operation.

Manufacturing of Offshore Units

Offshore Units Prefabrication & Installation

Fabrication of various types of units for both offshore and onshore use, including those for transportation, tools, support for projects, and refurbishment when needed.

Fabrication Of Spools & Piping Systems

We specialize in the fabrication, installation, and repair of piping systems. We offer full design engineering services, and our team of skilled pipe welders and fitters can carry out this work on-site.

pippen line reparation

Pressure Testing

We provide assistance with pressure testing of hoses and pipelines, with teams of technicians, riggers, pipe fitters, and electricians ready to perform.

Pressure testing

Manpower Supply

We offer qualified manpower, whether local or expat professionals based on your requirements, providing tailored solutions for your demands, even on short notice when needed for the execution of major oil & gas offshore projects. Our motivated and highly trained crews work in a safe and efficient manner.

Qualified Technician
Certified Welders
Certified Fitter
Work at Heights
Crane Operators
Deck Personnel
Certified Painters
Fire Wardens


Our goal is to ensure that the crew you need on board complies with all the necessary documentation before and after boarding, as well as facilitating their transfer to where they are needed. Please find below the services we offer:

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Management of Invitation Letters
Visa Management
Customs Management
Management Before the Administration
Meet & Greet
Medical Services

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